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Milk Bath

How to Prepare

What to do before your henna session!

Cleanse area to be hennaed with soap and water

Avoid oils or lotion to the area

Plan to keep your henna on for 4-6 hours and avoid water during that time to ensure a bold stain




Leave paste on skin - longer time means a darker stain

Stay warm - henna stains better when you're warm, use a space heater or heating pad if you get cold

Flake off paste - keep your henna dry during this process. Use natural oils like coconut or olive oil to scratch off any bits that won't seem to budge

Stay moisturized & watch your henna darken in 2 days


Jagua Care

Leave paste on skin - More time = darker stain

WASH OFF PASTE with soap & water - be sure to get all the gel like paste off. YOU WILL NOT SEE ANY DESIGNS AFTER THIS STEP  

Moisturize with coconut or any other natural oil

Watch the Jagua magic appear the next day and the design will reach its darkest in 2 days

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