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Viviane's body art journey ignited a decade ago by the mesmerizing henna tattoo. She was inspired in that moment to delve deep into the art, driven by a passion to unravel its history and symbology.


What captivates her the most is the unique ability of henna to slow down time. The tactile experience from both receiving and giving henna allows a profound connection with time, transporting you and Viviane into a realm brimming with beauty and intention.


​Expanding her repertoire of body art offerings, Viviane has embraced another timeless tradition - the art of hand-poke tattoos, also known as stick and poke or non-electric tattoos. Employing a single needle, she skillfully crafts permanent designs, emphasizing the intimate connection between the individual and their body art. Viviane is dedicated to providing a transformative experience embracing tradition and authenticity.

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