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Keeping it Natural

Eco-Friendly Art

Our henna powder and jagua are ethically sourced from India and South America respectively. We take great care to build relationships with our growers and plant processors.


Henna is a flowering plant that can grow 12-15 feet tall. The plant is known to have medicinal benefits for hair and skin. Henna designs last 7-10 days.

Our henna paste is hand-mixed with high quality essential oils and organic ingredients. 


Genipa Americana also known as huito is a jungle citrus fruit native to South America, Caribbean and Mexico. The fruit is edible and used in drinks, desserts, bronchial tea and used for ritual adornment.


 Jagua stains last 12-18 days.

Hand Poke

The hand poke method of permanent tattooing dates back to ancient Egyptian and Polynesian civilizations. This method was often associated with rights of passage or societal status. 

Today the stick and poke technique has evolved into a style embraced by traditionalists and those seeking a handmade aesthetic.

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